Nova Learning Center is happy to announce that we are now working with Arizona Tuition Connection for donations. You can allocate your donation directly to Nova to help tuition costs for our students.


Please follow the link below to make a donation


Here are some frequently asked questions with answers from AZ Tuition Connection. Please feel free to contact AZ Tuition Connection (480) 409-4106 for any more questions you might have about your donation to Nova Learning Center.

Is this a tax deduction or tax credit?

If you have an Arizona tax liability – this is an Arizona State tax credit.

If you don’t have an Arizona State tax liability, your donation might be a tax deduction off your federal taxes.   Arizona Tuition Connection is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Please consult with your tax advisor regarding federal deductions.

Can I designate who gets my tax dollars?

The state tax credit law allows donors to recommend a student or school for a tuition scholarship.    The recommendation of the donor is our top criteria when awarding scholarships, but the law does require us to take other criteria into account.

State law requires that certain amounts from each donation be used for different types of scholarships.   It is important to understand that not every student is eligible to receive every type of scholarship available.

Please contact AZ Tuition Connection if you have any questions on this.

How much can I donate?

For the 2021 tax year, the maximum you can donate and take a tax credit is $2,435 if you are a married couple filing jointly, and $1,219 as a single filer.

Your tax liability is not what you owe when you file your taxes but is the total amount you would owe if you had not paid any taxes all year long.  The best way to determine your tax liability is to talk to your tax advisor.  If you don’t have a tax advisor, it is common for people to look at what their tax liability was in previous years.  Your tax liability can be found online 46 of your AZ 1040 form.  If your income is the same as the previous year, this might give you an indication of what your liability is this year.

CLICK HERE To calculate your tax liability using a free online tax calculator.

*By using the link above, be please advised that the linked site has been created, published, and maintained by parties independent of this organization. We do not assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained therein.

By what date do I need to donate?

For the 2021 Arizona tax credit, donations can be accepted through April 15th, 2022.

Even if  you are filing an extension, your donation must be received by April 15th.

My employer matches donations to non-profits, can this tax credit donation be matched?

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. Use the button below to see if your employer matches:

Click here to check employer matching

For you to take it as a tax credit it is important that you do the initial donation correctly. According to Arizona state law, the original donation must be made directly to Arizona Tuition Connection or through an employer withholding, with the employer paying the withholdings directly to us.

You cannot make your original donation through United Way, Benevity, or a similar “umbrella” organization and take it as a tax credit.  While we can certainly accept such donations, the donors are not entitled to take the private school tuition organization credit. The law states that the donor must make the contribution directly to a school tuition organization.

Typically, your employer will send us some paperwork to complete and return.  These matching funds can sometimes take a while to be sent.   It is not uncommon for employers to cut matching checks, quarterly or even semi-annually.